BZ Lady nail polishes are Vegan
… but what does it mean exactly?

We usually see the word vegan associated with food, but it also happens that we see it associated with other products that are not meant to be eaten. How can nail polish be vegan?

In the cosmetic industry, we use the term vegan to designate a product that is not tested on animals and which is not using animal-derived ingredients in its formulation.

For many years animal by-products were commonly used in traditional nail polish. As a whole, the cosmetics industry had been in the hot seat due to its heavy use of animal by-products and animal cruelty.

In today's nail polishes, there is unfortunately still a fairly common use of animal-derived ingredients. Check the ingredients labels for the words “guanine”, "carmine" or “oleic acid”. "Guanine" is an ingredient made of small fish scales that are crushed, bleached and mixed with solvent to make nail polish waterproof and shiny. "Carmine" is made from crushed and boiled beetles that are used to create red pigments. Lastly, "oleic acid" is made of animal fat (often coming from cows or sheeps) to make liquids thicker and more dense.

At BZ Lady, we don't use these ingredients. All our color formulations are free of animal by-product ingredients.

BZ Lady is proud to offer vegan nail polishes because beautiful nails should never be achieved with the use of animal parts.