BZ Lady nail polishes are Cruelty Free
… but what does it mean exactly? 

When I used to think of cosmetics tested on animals, I always pictured a pig wearing lipstick or a dog with nail polish. But of course, the reality is not as cute as that. 

The cosmetic industry as been in the hot seat for many years as products were commonly tested on animals before being sold to the public. The reason behind this was to make sure the chemicals used were not creating skin irritation or side-effects. Animals in cage were shaved and exposed to many different chemicals, every day, to test and measure their reactions.

Today, we have other options. The heavy and dangerous chemicals that were used in past now have alternative ingredients that are harmless. 

This being said, there are still companies that use hazardous components and who still test their products on animals. This practice is questionable, but unfortunately still not illegal. For that reason, it’s always important to verify if your cosmetics went through the animal testing route, or not. 

BZ Lady is proud to offer cruelty-animal free nail polishes because beautiful nails should never be the result of mis-treated animals.